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The Ambivalent Personification of Artistic Endeavors

My boyfriend works in an art gallery. Sometimes I feel like that gallery is “the other woman” trying to steal him away – calling all the time, making up excuses to see him when he’s not supposed to be there…

Part of me wants to make a scene about this. I could storm into the still quiet of the gallery in my best ass-kicking boots crying, “Aha! It’s you! You’re the one who’s been texting him at 1am!” (I might have to aim this at whichever particular staff member is around rather than the gallery as a whole so people don’t think I’m crazy right away. Woe betide any volunteer who tries to sell me a watercolour print when I’m in this mood.)

I could channel Katharine Hepburn’s haughty derision and make them feel tiny and insignificant. I could belittle their artistic integrity and their reliance on traditional styles rather than embracing innovative contemporary movements. I could mock their chipped paintwork and sagging furniture, although that’s getting a little personal.

The trouble is, this isn’t my fight. The Boy has to decide whether or not to break all ties or stick around and try to leave things better than he found them. This gallery, this “other woman” relying on him because it can, is kill or cure.

Chad Wys vs Dr Who

Chad Wys ia an artist who works with “found objects” and gives them a life as a new piece of art. For example…

chad wys

But does this remind you of anyone? (cough*DrWho*cough)

dr who

First Day of Work

In honour of my new temp job…

first day of work

99 Problems

prob 29 prob 51

prob 63 prob 40

See all of Ali Graham’s illustrations for Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

Texts From Last Night: Disney Edition

disney 2

disney 3

disney 4


65% of people lean to the right when kissing.