Last night I had this idea to create a blog to document a new thing I’ve learnt every day. This morning I found out that the world is supposed to end tonight. So…yeah. Not only is the Rapture going to send humanity spinning headlong into months of Hell on earth for not believing sufficiently in God, but there’s going to be no season 3 of Vampire Diaries. Not cool.

I’ve decided I don’t want that to be the thing I learnt today and instead, there’s this – Fleetwood Mac wrote and recorded their greatest album Rumours while their personal lives were pretty much falling apart. (Yes, I learnt about this from Glee but the story still stands.) They were getting divorced, fighting all the time, basically stomping all over their own and each other’s hearts and souls but somehow managing to pour all that pain into the music. It’s an incredible thing to be able to create something so beautiful out of something so destructive.

I’ve always believed that music has fantastically cathartic and curative powers and for me this proves it. Goodness knows I’ve had my share of bad days and, maybe it’s my musical background, but I’ve often found that the right song can completely change my mood. In this case I’m off to listen to Nobody’s Fault But Mine and hope that the world is still as I left it when I wake up tomorrow.


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