Apparently there’s a Mormon life coach who has announced that romance novels make women unhinged and encourage them to create unrealistic ideas of the male ideal. She’s saying that even romance novels that don’t include explicit scenes create the same “addictive brain chemicals” in women that pornography does in men. I get that women often react to more mental stimulus (eg romance novels) while men will react to more visual stimulus (eg good old fashioned dirty movies) but this is just insane. No one in the history of time has ever checked into rehab for “Mills & Boone related emotional issues”.

Granted, Twilight has had a horrific effect on young girls the world over by convincing them that they should fall for the first man they can find who tells them what to do, encourages them to lie to their parents and constantly tells them they can’t survive on their own, but I think a lot of that is socially driven by the media somehow convincing people that this is the greatest love story ever told.

Just to prove how ridiculous this whole “addicted to romance novels” idea is, #romancekills is now a trending topic on twitter in response to this decree. In the words of writer Jason Pinter, “My plea to romance writers: please stop writing. You are destroying marriages, the fabric of society and the entire cosmos.” Stephenie Meyers, take note.


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