kinetic energy

Kinetic energy – the energy of a body in motion, equal to the work it would do if it were brought to rest.

Today is one of those days that makes me want to sit in on my own, drink when I shouldn’t and wish I was in a different place. It’s been sunny all week, windy like the world’s trying to push something into motion, but it’s pouring down today. I’ve been staring out of the kitchen window for nearly an hour and the sky is white-grey like there’s nothing out there and the rest of the world has disappeared. There’s a row of terraced houses that have been facing off with the sea-wind for the last hundred years between me and the water, and above that the empty expanse of the sky waiting to be coloured in. It doesn’t feel like a blank canvas, it feels like the rain has dissolved everything that should be there.

Kinetic energy is all about the body in motion, the energy it takes to accelerate and the energy it takes to keep up that momentum. The constant force and input needed to keep the body moving every single second of every single day. It turns out, even slowing down and stopping takes that kind of energy. That means even when you try your hardest and put all your concentration into making sure you constantly keep moving, you can grind to a halt at any second.


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