They’re remaking Dirty Dancing, is nothing sacred?

This headline is from and…yeah, it pretty much says it all.

Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing"

The whole rash of remakes over the last few years has bothered me no end, mostly because it makes the film industry seem incredibly lazy but also because it takes the heart of out the original stories and creates something specifically designed to make money.

Edward Woodward & Christopher Lee in "The Wicker Man"

Case in point – The Wicker Man. The origninal is a masterpiece of suspense and terror, the remake is an excuse for gratuitous and ridiculous violence.


2 responses to “They’re remaking Dirty Dancing, is nothing sacred?

  • ficklefolly

    I posted something very similar last night too. It’s irritating the number of remakes they do these days. And they’ll probably cast a bunch of the teeny boppers and make it all High School Musical-ish. There are tons of dance-related love stories in the world, why don’t they make a new one and let Patrick Swayze’s memory live on as being the only ‘Johnny’?? 😛

  • Esther Victoria

    agreed. I think they need to leave the movie ALONE. They are already going to ruion Footloose. And I LIKE that movie I don’t wanna see the “nasty” version of it thank you very much,

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