photo retouching

I’ve done some freelance photography work so I’ve done some basic retouching before, but it only occured to me today (with the discovery of Photoshop’s Liquify tool) exactly how easy and quick full-on, “change my dress size” retouching can be.

The scary thing is, even when I’ve done the work so I can spot the differences, the retouched photos don’t look all that unlikely. Sure the girls are skinny, but they’re actresses – it’s in the job description. Making their waists smaller, their busts bigger, their noses slimmer and their hair fuller only makes them look like they’ve got a really good work-out schedule and a fantastic stylist.

So many women look at images in magazines and take them at face value. I know damned well that every image in every magazine has been worked on, but I still find myself thinking “I wish I had a body like hers, I wish I had beautiful smooth skin like hers…” You know the drill.

The photos on the left of each pair below labelled “original” are images from professional shoots so have already gone through the “normal” retouching mill. The images on the right labelled “retouched” are my work on top of this, changing the body & face shapes.

Each photo took less than 5 minutes to change.

[Kristen Bell] Waist smaller, bust fuller, shoulders narrowed, arms slimmed, jawline smoothed, lips fuller, nose narrowed, hair fuller.


[Alicia Silverstone] Waist & hips slimmer, line of back smoothed, shoulder & hand smaller.


[Keira Knightley] Waist smaller, shoulders narrowed, jawline smoothed, lips fuller, nose narrowed, hair fuller.


[Joss Stone] Waist & hips slimmer, arm slimmer, hand smaller.


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