Nina Dobrev is Queen of The Underworld

promo poster for Vampire Diaries season 3

You know, Persephone Queen of The Underworld? Stolen away from her overbearing mother by Hades to live in the land of the dead because he’s in love with her? Finally returned when Demeter struck the world barren during her search for her daughter and Zeus caved because of the people’s pleas for food?

Yeah, of course you know.

There’s that whole thing about Hades tricking her into eating a handful of pomegranate seeds  before she went home so that she’d have to return to the Underworld for part of the year (thereby explaining the seasons when nothing will grow), but you were about to say that, right?


I’m also getting a bit of a Lady Macbeth vibe – a little bit “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it”, a little bit “unsex me here and fill me from crown to toe topful with direst cruelty” and just a touch of the classic “out, damned spot”.

OMG, you were just about to say that?!


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