interviews & new job

I’m looking for a new job at the moment and so far I’ve been on 4 interviews, 3 with employment agencies which took less than half an hour combined and 1 for a specific job which took almost an hour. The search has been made more difficult by the fact that I left an average, finance office job to find “something more creative” but I’m still not entirely sure what that will be.

I haven’t been on an interview for 5 or 6 years so it feels like a new experience to try and package myself in a way that will come across appropriately hard-working and conservative but also creative and personable.

Strangely enough, I think running a choir over the last few months has helped with this. Every week I’ve had to stand up in front of a group of people who I (mostly) don’t know and teach them music that I’ve written. The first week was terrifying but I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s a strange feeling when 10 years ago even talking to a new person made me feel physically ill.

Back to the job interviews, and I think I’ve found a company I could work for.


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