Holiday decorating for the lazy and/or penniless

(The title is from and there’s a link to the original article at the bottom of this post.)

You know how it’s still November but there’s already Christmas music playing on the high street, corner shops are selling the lurid tinselly decorations that have been in storage since last year and everyone’s getting excited about a fat man in a costume breaking into the kiddies’ bedroom?

Well, has kindly put together a little guide for those of us who aren’t quite miserly enough to ignore the holiday season altogether but perhaps don’t have the funds or inclination to put together something like this…

"You want to decorate, but you're lazy and/or poor. Let's fix this." -

There’s a number of imaginative yet frugal suggestions for decorating to bring on the festive spirit, such as…

Paper snowflakes: “Make your neighbors think that you’re totally into Christmas, or that you have a six year old who is discovering her manual dexterity, by displaying them in your windows.”

And to feed the inevitable "That small child has mastered this skill, why can't I? I need to practice!" addiction, there's a handy step-by-step on

Popcorn garlands: “This is a really fun way to accidentally put a gigantic needle through your thumb while trying to watch TV and make a craft at the same time. It’s also a great way to eat a lot of popcorn.”

Kate Spade's "Golden Popcorn Garland" necklace, just to prove this is totally on-trend rather than a quick & easy way to have snacks on hand at all times

That thing your children and/or pets will hate you for: “If you have kids or a tiny dog, make them wear elf costumes or Christmas sweaters for the entire month of December. Living decorations! How decadent!”

I'm not giving out any websites to locate these costumes as I don't want to be an enabler

They also include helpful safety advice in the article to avoid those craft-related nail snappages, paper cuts and incidents that are sure to become embarrassing childhood stories: “I never tried to put a pinecone into any orifices, and you shouldn’t, either. Just brush the outside of the pinecone with glue and then roll it in some glitter”

Alternatively, pinecones dressed as tiny Xmas trees from

Finally, there’s a showbiz tip to make your humble abode feel a little more Hollywood-adjacent (but just a little): “If you really love having a house that looks Christmassy (or holiday-themed) but hate decorating or undecorating, select all of your furniture to match a red and green color scheme, like the set designer did in Home Alone.”

Happy holidays & happy redecorating!!!

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