There’s a drumming noise inside my head…

I started up a choir about 4 months ago and we had our first performance this week (which went amazingly well if any of them are reading!).

Now that we’ve got 1 show under our communal musical belt it’s time to concentrate on moving forward and choosing more new and interesting songs (not that covering The Beatles, Adele & Radiohead hasn’t provided a suitable amount of variation already) so that I can get to work on the arrangements.

notes for our arrangement of "Rolling In The Deep"

In the spirit of previous entry “I Ride This Motherloving Beat Like A Tractor”  and “I Put A Spell On You” I’ve included 2 versions of what is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Listen to Freshman Fifteen (from Northwestern University) sing their acapella/human percussion version of Florence & The Machine’s “Drumming Song” and then listen to the beautiful original track to see where it came from.


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