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pyjamas are evil

Turns out Commissioner Michael Williams of Caddo Parish, Louisiana is trying to ban pyjamas from being worn in public. In his own words:

“The moral fiber in America is dwindling away. It’s pajamas today, what is it going to be tomorrow? Walking around in your underwear?”

Head over to to read about high school students working the baggy pants/tight tops trend, an opinion piece on pyjamas as high fashion and a debate on whether this ban would be a triumph or a travesty.

fashion designer Rachel Roy wearing pyjamas on the red carpet


the lesser of two evils

The good news is my recent bout of insomnia has passed.

The bad news is I’m still awake til 5am most mornings but now I just sleep til noon.

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sinners never sleep

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The Amazing Spider-Manicure

These are my actual nails at the moment, inspired in a moment of insomnia last night by vague memories of my brother’s comics when we were kids…

Sleeping Beauty

This film trailer looks amazing. Weird, but amazing.


In my efforts to distract myself from weird snow dreams (see previous post on chionophobia) I’ve been trawling the internet for something to entertain me (minds out of the gutter!).

It turns out Dr Who started the new series – or maybe just continued with the current series, I’m not sure what the deal is – with a new episode last Saturday. Shows what kind of fan I am, I didn’t even know about it. I’ve also read that Idina Menzel (originally of Rent and recently of Wicked) will be returning to Glee for their third series. Apparently Lady Gaga dressed as her male alter-ego Joe Calderone for the entire VMA’s (I’m not sure why, and I was pretty surprised after all the hype to hear her still talking in her normal voice). Sarah Jessica Parker dressed up a little bit like Red Riding Hood at her premiere in Moscow but I still love her outfit.

To heighten the tone a little, but only a little, I checked out The Guardian’s website to see what life lessons I could pick up – I learnt how to crochet a flower, how to bake nectarine strudel and that Zoe Ball doesn’t want young girls smoking or getting on sunbeds.

I think that’s enough for one night.


Chionophobia – fear of snow.

I had a dream last night that it had snowed while I was asleep and it made me feel physically sick.

Even after I’ve spent all day staring out of the window at the dry ground and (mostly) clear skies, I can still feel my heart start to race when I think about it. I can remember exactly what the street outside looked like when it snowed last winter, that weird heavy light cast by the snow clouds, that sudden agoraphobia setting in at the soft patting sound of the first fall starting.

This could explain why it’s nearly 3am and I don’t want to go to sleep.