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“You don’t have to know about ballet to enjoy it…”

“…all you have to do is look at it.” – Edwin Denby

This is a porcelain sculpture created from a cast of a ballet dancer’s arms by artist Seo Min Jeong. It’s been painted with Japanese Yakuza-style tattoos (linked to organised crime gangs) to highlight the contrast of 2 very different cultures. The painted tattoos are under the porcelain glaze to mirror real tattoos under the skin.

You can see more of the artist’s work on her website.


move the earth…

“Give me one sure spot on which to stand and I shall move the earth.”
– Archimedes

English National Ballet

I haven’t learnt much in the last couple of days. In fact, I didn’t learn anything yesterday which was why there was no entry. I’ve been crazy-busy at work as we’re understaffed at the moment but I keep telling myself to look on the bright side, at least I have a job. I know from experience that watching daytime tv while all your friends are at work gets pretty old pretty quick.

This evening, I went looking for something new to learn and I figured something artistic might fill the void that stressing over a job I don’t really enjoy seems to create, so here goes…

In the wake of Black Swan and fashion’s sudden interest in dance costumes, the English National Ballet will stage a catwalk show of tutus created by leading fashion designers to raise funds and revamp the company’s image. They’ve released some gorgeous publicity shots of the dresses and this one’s my favourite:

English National Ballet - costume by Beatrix Ong

English National Ballet - costume by Beatrix Ong