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emergency escape

Love this.

Dita Von Teese’s emergency scissors. The engraving reads:

“Property of Dita Von Teese / In case of striptease emergency cut corset laces!” And yes, those are glittery handles.

I guess these things are all about appearances – if you’re putting on a beautiful, extravagant burlesque show and writhing around in a giant martini glass you need something a little special for your “in case of emergency” stash.

However, if you’re rigging a rope chest-harness and rocking a rough-house, steampunk kind of style you can probably make do with a pair of second hand EMT shears. If there’s a few rusty red smudges on the blades, it’ll only add to the atmosphere.



“Your 30th birthday is an important landmark. You are now ready, after ten years of dicking around with your personal style, to select a signature lipstick. This is the lipstick that will get you through thick and thin. When you are screaming for mercy during childbirth, this is the lipstick that will be smeared across your face. When you kiss the corpses of your dead parents, this is the color that will stain their cheeks. This is the lipstick that will flow into the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth as the death rattle grips your throat. Choosing this lipstick is a momentous task. In order to complete it, you need to be slightly drunk.” – Eccentric Glamour, Simon Doonan (lifted from Dita Von Teese’s Facebook status)

At least this means I’ve got about 10 months left of dicking around with unflattering colours before I have to commit.