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Locked Illusions Photography

In the spirit of my previous post “Zombie Mums & Tots” I’ve found an incredible, adorable photography company based in Houston, Texas.

It started when I found this photograph on weheartit.com…

…and decided that any future children of mine have a mighty good chance of looking like this every Christmas.

The company responsible for the photo is called Locked Illusions and you can see their site here. It’s run by Brittany & Benjamin Bentine and they specialise in children & family photography.

Their finished photographs have a gorgeous gothic/fantasy/rockabilly/steampunk vibe and while I understand that some people might expect something more traditional when photographing children, I think it’s genius. The technical knowledge behind the images is obvious – the lighting, the composition, the locations – and the makeup and costumes are really beautiful. Everything works perfectly together to create each scene.



zombie mums & tots

I found this picture on weheartit.com and I’ve no idea who took the original, but I absolutely adore it.

I would happily hang this on my wall and imagine this is what I will be like when I steal some unwitting victim’s essence and have kids someday…


Sesame Street + Glee = awesome

Major bonus points for scary Sue, breathy-voiced Quinn & “gorgeous!” Kurt.

cats + figs

I’m staying at my parents’ house this weekend and I’ve learnt that (after being away from them for a few months) the cats make me sneeze.

Thanks to my dad and his eclectic shopping habits, I also learnt what figs taste like.

Gizmodo photo challenge

Gizmodo.com sets photo challenges for their readers and this is one that I absolutely adore. They asked people to recreate photos from their childhoods. It’s such a simple concept but it’s something that has so much potential.

The photo below (the recent shot on the right, the original was shot by her father) is by a guy called Seth Porter of his fiancé and it’s so incredibly beautiful.

chicken rustling

Tonight I had dinner with my parents and they got to telling stories about the family. As it turns out, my gran once stole a chicken. It was when the first Chinese take-away opened in our village and the chicken was tied up by its leg in the back garden. Granny, being a bird lover, decided this was terrible and stole it while no one was looking to set it free.

pretty vs smart

I’m not about to convince anyone that I’m a genius, but I am prepared to say that I’ve got a few brain cells to rub together. High school made me believe for a long time that being attractive was the most important thing you could achieve because if people were attracted to you then it didn’t matter what came out of your mouth. People would always be willing to spend time with you because looking at you was so enjoyable. The real world has (thankfully) made me realise that the novelty of a pretty face wears off pretty quickly if it’s not matched with some degree of intelligence.

I’ve never thought of myself as the “pretty girl”. I look at my face and see my family, I see the photos from back when I was a kid and I can barely tell myself apart from my cousins, I see the shadows under my eyes and the scars and a nose that could stand to be a bit smaller, but it’s just my face. It’s what I’ve always looked like and it’s never really occurred to me to think about changing it.

Today is a good day, so right now I’m glad I was never the most attractive person in the room. I’m glad that I (mostly) care more about looking like I belong in my family than looking like I belong on the cover of a magazine. I’m glad that I never learnt to rely on my looks to get by. I’m glad that I can listen to someone explain html code and be genuinely interested. I’m glad that I’m average enough to sway someone’s opinion of me just because of what’s in my head. I’m glad that I love reading and learning and geeking out over anything from music to photography to Baudelaire to skyscrapers designed to move with an earthquake.

This isn’t to say I won’t wake up tomorrow wishing I looked like a Victoria’s Secret model, but writing this entry has made me realise how much I’ve changed over the last 10 years and…I’m still glad. Let’s pause here for a group hug.