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65% of people lean to the right when kissing.



Locked Illusions Photography

In the spirit of my previous post “Zombie Mums & Tots” I’ve found an incredible, adorable photography company based in Houston, Texas.

It started when I found this photograph on weheartit.com…

…and decided that any future children of mine have a mighty good chance of looking like this every Christmas.

The company responsible for the photo is called Locked Illusions and you can see their site here. It’s run by Brittany & Benjamin Bentine and they specialise in children & family photography.

Their finished photographs have a gorgeous gothic/fantasy/rockabilly/steampunk vibe and while I understand that some people might expect something more traditional when photographing children, I think it’s genius. The technical knowledge behind the images is obvious – the lighting, the composition, the locations – and the makeup and costumes are really beautiful. Everything works perfectly together to create each scene.


hand soap

Tiny little soaps in the shape of tiny little hands!

Available from Etsy and mentioned on Jezebel


maybe it’s much too early in the game…

This is possibly the most adorable thing I’ve seen.

He’s wearing a suit, she’s wearing a tiara and playing a tiny guitar. How can you not love this?!

Happy New Year xx



don’t be a sad panda


Katie Alves

These incredible images are the work of Katie Alves, a makeup artist who only started back in October 2010 using her own face to experiment with tiny designs.





"Nightmare Before Christmas"


You can see more of her work on DeviantArt, Tumblr or Facebook and various makeup tutorials are available on YouTube.