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this is why I don’t like Twilight

Excerpts from Reasoning With Vampires






pyjamas are evil

Turns out Commissioner Michael Williams of Caddo Parish, Louisiana is trying to ban pyjamas from being worn in public. In his own words:

“The moral fiber in America is dwindling away. It’s pajamas today, what is it going to be tomorrow? Walking around in your underwear?”

Head over to Jezebel.com to read about high school students working the baggy pants/tight tops trend, an opinion piece on pyjamas as high fashion and a debate on whether this ban would be a triumph or a travesty.

fashion designer Rachel Roy wearing pyjamas on the red carpet

My So Called Life

Claire Danes & Jared Leto in "My So Called Life"

Admit it – when this show finished, isn’t this kind of how you hoped Angela Chase & Jordan Catalano would look 20 years on?

Claire Danes & Jared Leto at the Elle Style Awards 2010


pretty vs smart

I’m not about to convince anyone that I’m a genius, but I am prepared to say that I’ve got a few brain cells to rub together. High school made me believe for a long time that being attractive was the most important thing you could achieve because if people were attracted to you then it didn’t matter what came out of your mouth. People would always be willing to spend time with you because looking at you was so enjoyable. The real world has (thankfully) made me realise that the novelty of a pretty face wears off pretty quickly if it’s not matched with some degree of intelligence.

I’ve never thought of myself as the “pretty girl”. I look at my face and see my family, I see the photos from back when I was a kid and I can barely tell myself apart from my cousins, I see the shadows under my eyes and the scars and a nose that could stand to be a bit smaller, but it’s just my face. It’s what I’ve always looked like and it’s never really occurred to me to think about changing it.

Today is a good day, so right now I’m glad I was never the most attractive person in the room. I’m glad that I (mostly) care more about looking like I belong in my family than looking like I belong on the cover of a magazine. I’m glad that I never learnt to rely on my looks to get by. I’m glad that I can listen to someone explain html code and be genuinely interested. I’m glad that I’m average enough to sway someone’s opinion of me just because of what’s in my head. I’m glad that I love reading and learning and geeking out over anything from music to photography to Baudelaire to skyscrapers designed to move with an earthquake.

This isn’t to say I won’t wake up tomorrow wishing I looked like a Victoria’s Secret model, but writing this entry has made me realise how much I’ve changed over the last 10 years and…I’m still glad. Let’s pause here for a group hug.

Diabolus in Musica

Good news – the world didn’t end yesterday re Harold Camping’s predictions.

Bad news – there’s going to be a few hundred people who believed him who now have no idea what to do with the rest of their lives.

In the grand scheme of good vs evil and man-made religious invention, I bring you the second thing I’ve learnt this weekend – an augmented 4th in music (for example: C and F# above) has been called Diabolus in Musica (The Devil in Music) since the 18th century.

Go on, try it…isn’t that just a horror soundtrack waiting to happen?

I think I originally learnt this in my high school music class but my memory being what it is, it’s been buried ever since.