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Locked Illusions Photography

In the spirit of my previous post “Zombie Mums & Tots” I’ve found an incredible, adorable photography company based in Houston, Texas.

It started when I found this photograph on weheartit.com…

…and decided that any future children of mine have a mighty good chance of looking like this every Christmas.

The company responsible for the photo is called Locked Illusions and you can see their site here. It’s run by Brittany & Benjamin Bentine and they specialise in children & family photography.

Their finished photographs have a gorgeous gothic/fantasy/rockabilly/steampunk vibe and while I understand that some people might expect something more traditional when photographing children, I think it’s genius. The technical knowledge behind the images is obvious – the lighting, the composition, the locations – and the makeup and costumes are really beautiful. Everything works perfectly together to create each scene.



this is why I don’t like Twilight

Excerpts from Reasoning With Vampires





zombie mums & tots

I found this picture on weheartit.com and I’ve no idea who took the original, but I absolutely adore it.

I would happily hang this on my wall and imagine this is what I will be like when I steal some unwitting victim’s essence and have kids someday…


Ginger Snaps

“Do you think I want to go back to being nobody?”


Wednesday Addams

“I’ll never forget you…You’re too weird.”

Hallowe’en costume

I’m off to a Hallowe’en party on Saturday and I’ve been trying to find a costume. My first plan was to paint my face green and go as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Margaret Hamilton, on film in "The Wizard of Oz"

Or, if I was feeling slightly more cultured on the night, Idina Menzel’s Elphaba.

Idina Menzel, on stage in "Wicked"

Plan B, after searching through google images for inspiration, is to try my hand at a Dia De Los Muertos skull. The photos below are from various sources (I only wish my face painting were that good!) and are somehow remarkably beautiful and delightfully morbid at the same time.

Emmcy @ DeviantArt

Emmcy @ DeviantArt

Pifpaf @ DeviantArt


Disney does zombies

Much in the spirit of my previous posts What if Smurfs were real? and Bonjour, girl!, these images have been created in the “What if Disney princesses had been cast as kick-ass zombified big bads in a cross between I Am Legend and Sucker Punch?” train of thought.

These were created by the very talented character designer & story artist Jeffrey Thomas (Jeffrey Thomas’s site).