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Hallowe’en costume

I’m off to a Hallowe’en party on Saturday and I’ve been trying to find a costume. My first plan was to paint my face green and go as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Margaret Hamilton, on film in "The Wizard of Oz"

Or, if I was feeling slightly more cultured on the night, Idina Menzel’s Elphaba.

Idina Menzel, on stage in "Wicked"

Plan B, after searching through google images for inspiration, is to try my hand at a Dia De Los Muertos skull. The photos below are from various sources (I only wish my face painting were that good!) and are somehow remarkably beautiful and delightfully morbid at the same time.

Emmcy @ DeviantArt

Emmcy @ DeviantArt

Pifpaf @ DeviantArt




“In honour of the death of Bohemia, an impromptu salon will commence immediately following dinner.”

The original Broadway production of Rent opened in April 1996 and in that same year won Tony Awards for Best Musical, Book & Score as well as the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The show ran for 5,123 performances.

The New Year’s Eve sequence in the film turned into a real party.

Idina Menzel sang Over The Moon live during filming rather than pre-recording the track and miming. Chris Columbus (the director) has said she sang the song at least 7 times while shooting the scene.

Mimi’s line at the end of Light My Candle, “They call me, they call me Mimi…” is actually a line from Puccini’s opera La Boheme translated from the original Italian.


In my efforts to distract myself from weird snow dreams (see previous post on chionophobia) I’ve been trawling the internet for something to entertain me (minds out of the gutter!).

It turns out Dr Who started the new series – or maybe just continued with the current series, I’m not sure what the deal is – with a new episode last Saturday. Shows what kind of fan I am, I didn’t even know about it. I’ve also read that Idina Menzel (originally of Rent and recently of Wicked) will be returning to Glee for their third series. Apparently Lady Gaga dressed as her male alter-ego Joe Calderone for the entire VMA’s (I’m not sure why, and I was pretty surprised after all the hype to hear her still talking in her normal voice). Sarah Jessica Parker dressed up a little bit like Red Riding Hood at her premiere in Moscow but I still love her outfit.

To heighten the tone a little, but only a little, I checked out The Guardian’s website to see what life lessons I could pick up – I learnt how to crochet a flower, how to bake nectarine strudel and that Zoe Ball doesn’t want young girls smoking or getting on sunbeds.

I think that’s enough for one night.