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“I can fly, I can fly…” – Nancy, The Craft

images from weheartit.com



Toyko based photographer Natsumi Hayashi has become an internet sensation (so I read) because of her “levitation” self portraits. I love the finished photos, as well as the fact that she jumps over and over again using a delayed shutter release until the shot is absolutely perfect.

There’s been a good few articles about her (I found the one on geekologie.com) but she also has her own website yowayowacamera.com. It’s really worth a look because the images are incredible – they’re beautifully composed, Natsumi is adorable and a lot of them look like she is just hanging effortlesely in mid-air. (There’s also some photos of her cats which are pretty cute too.)

Here’s a few of my favourites: