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The Count

From 40 Interesting Facts About Vampires:

The Muppet vampire, Count von Count from Sesame Street, is based on actual vampire myth. One way to supposedly deter a vampire is to throw seeds (usually mustard) outside a door or place fishing net outside a window. Vampires are compelled to count the seeds or the holes in the net, delaying them until the sun comes up.


Vampire ID Chart

Some thoughtful soul over at LaughingSquid.com has compiled a vampire identification chart for those awkward moments when you bump into a blood-sucker in a dark alley and aren’t quite sure what genre-specific method of disposal is best.

Here’s a few examples…

And you can see the fullsize version over at LaughingSquid.com

Being Elmo

“If everybody else your age is doing something very different to what you’re doing, there’s always going to be someone saying that you might not succeed, that you might not make any money with that. All of those things will go away if you really focus on what makes you happy.” – Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo the monster

This is why I still love Sesame Street.

“When a puppet is true and good and meaningful, it’s the soul of the puppeteer that you’re seeing.”


Sesame Street + Glee = awesome

Major bonus points for scary Sue, breathy-voiced Quinn & “gorgeous!” Kurt.

Bert and Ernie are not gay

I read today that there’s a petition to make Bert and Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) get married. I get why people think this would be a good idea, Sesame Street has done some amazing work in helping kids to deal with what’s going on in the world around them so there’s obviously a lot of people who think this should extend to illustrating how normal a gay relationship is.

However, the main stumbling block I can see is that Bert and Ernie aren’t gay. Granted the thought wouldn’t have occured to me when I was an innocent young kid watching the show, but even watching as a childminder once I was older it seemed like they were the example of how a friendship worked. They were completely different and sometimes argued and Bert (the taller one, in case you’re not sure) tended to get cranky, but they showed the kids how to overcome all that and stay friends.

In the words of the Sesame Street Workshop behind the show: “Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation.”

So…yeah. While I understand that some people see this show and it’s wide audience as a potential political sounding board, I think at heart it’s still a kids’ show and it doesn’t need an agenda. It certainly doesn’t need to be outing 2 characters purely due to public pressure.

can you tell me how to get…

…how to get to Sesame Street?

Take the R or V train to Steinway Street. Stay on the back of the train. Walk 3 blocks west on 34th Avenue to 36th Street. Turn left. The entrance to Kaufman Astoria Studios is in the middle of the block, between 34th Avenue and 35th Avenue.