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Definition from Wikipedia:

The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011 in Toronto, Canada and became a movement of rallies across the world. Participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman’s appearance.

The rallies began when Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto Police officer, suggested that to remain safe, “women should avoid dressing like sluts.”

The protest takes the form of a march, mainly by young women, where some dress in ordinary clothing and others dress provocatively, like “sluts.” There are also speaker meetings and workshops.

Some objectors have remarked that this approach is an example of women defining their sexuality in male terms.



“I’ve got a dentist who’s over 7 feet tall.”

No that’s not the start of a joke, it’s the first line of a song from Burlesque. Yes, that film when Stanley Tucci gets to upstage world-renowned divas Christina Aguilera and Cher.

My point is that although Dr Long John was “performed” (danced & mimed) by Kristen Bell’s character Nikki, it’s actually Megan Mullally of Will & Grace fame who recorded the vocals.

Kristen Bell as Nikki - Burlesque

Megan Mullally as Karen - Will & Grace

See below the beautiful Ms Kristen Bell and friends dance to the incredible vocal stylings of Karen Walker Megan Mullally…


Definition from Wikipedia: “A paraphilia concerning sexual arousal through biting, or being bitten. It has associations with vampire lifestyles but does not necessarily involve bloodletting.”

Treatment suggestions from RightDiagnosis.com: “Many people simply learn to accept their fetish and manage to achieve gratification in an appropriate manner. If treatment is sought, general treatment options may include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, orgasmic reconditioning.”

Support from a random Yahoo Answers post that showed up in my Google search: “Do what you gotta do! There was a CSI episode on this once! If you like to be bitten, good for you. This isn’t the weirdest fetish out there.”

(All images from weheartit.com)

“I wish I had invented blue jeans…”

“…They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity, all I hope for in my clothes.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield – singer of songs, member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, wearer of the blond bombshell beehive – was bisexual.

In her own words…

“I know I’m perfectly as capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy. More and more people feel that way and I don’t see why I shouldn’t.”

what the f*ck. literally.

This quote comes from the BBC news page about an article on The Times website, and I don’t think anyone would argue with it.

Bert and Ernie are not gay

I read today that there’s a petition to make Bert and Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) get married. I get why people think this would be a good idea, Sesame Street has done some amazing work in helping kids to deal with what’s going on in the world around them so there’s obviously a lot of people who think this should extend to illustrating how normal a gay relationship is.

However, the main stumbling block I can see is that Bert and Ernie aren’t gay. Granted the thought wouldn’t have occured to me when I was an innocent young kid watching the show, but even watching as a childminder once I was older it seemed like they were the example of how a friendship worked. They were completely different and sometimes argued and Bert (the taller one, in case you’re not sure) tended to get cranky, but they showed the kids how to overcome all that and stay friends.

In the words of the Sesame Street Workshop behind the show: “Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation.”

So…yeah. While I understand that some people see this show and it’s wide audience as a potential political sounding board, I think at heart it’s still a kids’ show and it doesn’t need an agenda. It certainly doesn’t need to be outing 2 characters purely due to public pressure.