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In true grown-up/I’ve-got-professional-artsy-friends style, I’ve been invited to a film screening.

The film was made by Christy & Dave, the genius team who helped with my film training way back when, and it looks amazing. They’ve done everything on this film in-house, from writing the script to planning the shoot and editing to writing the music (which also includes a few Manx bands ’cause the Isle of Man rocks).

For any camera geeks out there, it’s filmed on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which took the film world by storm several years ago. (For any non camera geeks, it shoots film but looks and acts like a stills camera so the depth of field can be really shallow and really lush).

still from video shot on Canon 5D

As for the film, I’ve only seen the trailer and a few clips but it looks absolutely beautiful. Obviously I’m biased, but it’s got that super-creepy “the call is coming from inside the house” vibe without being cheesy and every shot looks like a moving, gorgeously framed photograph.

See? Yeah.

The screening is in November, and since it’s a short film (about half an hour long) we’ll get to see a whole bunch of other treats too. I literally can’t wait!

You can find out more about Ghostgirl at GhostgirlTheMovie.com and the Ghostgirl blog



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Jedi kittens

Just to mix it up because I predict a lot of photo geekery in the next few days…