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Chad Wys vs Dr Who

Chad Wys ia an artist who works with “found objects” and gives them a life as a new piece of art. For example…

chad wys

But does this remind you of anyone? (cough*DrWho*cough)

dr who


The Count

From 40 Interesting Facts About Vampires:

The Muppet vampire, Count von Count from Sesame Street, is based on actual vampire myth. One way to supposedly deter a vampire is to throw seeds (usually mustard) outside a door or place fishing net outside a window. Vampires are compelled to count the seeds or the holes in the net, delaying them until the sun comes up.

behind the scenes photography

actor Paul Wesley, behind the scenes on The Vampire Diaries

photo from Chris Grismer, director


“I’ve got a dentist who’s over 7 feet tall.”

No that’s not the start of a joke, it’s the first line of a song from Burlesque. Yes, that film when Stanley Tucci gets to upstage world-renowned divas Christina Aguilera and Cher.

My point is that although Dr Long John was “performed” (danced & mimed) by Kristen Bell’s character Nikki, it’s actually Megan Mullally of Will & Grace fame who recorded the vocals.

Kristen Bell as Nikki - Burlesque

Megan Mullally as Karen - Will & Grace

See below the beautiful Ms Kristen Bell and friends dance to the incredible vocal stylings of Karen Walker Megan Mullally…

“And now I’m sad.”

I’ve got enough work to do this week that I’m pretty much running on sugar & caffeine and have developed a very short fuse.

My neighbours have also been fighting it out over who can provide theĀ  loudest and most annoying soundtrack for the evening (previous winner S Club 7 from the man in his 40’s downstairs has just been ousted by the National Lottery show from the couple in their 50’s next door) and I’m seriously considering one-upping both of them by finding the X Factor rerun and turning the volume up full blast.

In regard to fuelling my weekend with diet coke…

Rinse & repeat as necessary.


Wednesday Addams

“I’ll never forget you…You’re too weird.”

“And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now…”

“You can hear the dew falling and the hushed town breathing.”

“Only your eyes are unclosed to see the folded town, fast and slow, asleep.”

This is an advert from Volkswagen which features Richard Burton reading from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.

That’s Richard Burton (the once highest paid actor in Hollywood and recipient of many, many awards), Dylan Thomas (the world-renowned Welsh playwright), Under Milk Wood (a beautifully, hauntingly written “play for voices” about the secret dreams of the varied inhabitants of a tiny Welsh village) and only 2 shots of the outside of the car they’re advertising.