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zombie mums & tots

I found this picture on weheartit.com and I’ve no idea who took the original, but I absolutely adore it.

I would happily hang this on my wall and imagine this is what I will be like when I steal some unwitting victim’s essence and have kids someday…



zombie monkey

Because the Disney does zombies post seemed to go down so well, here’s Christmas 2011’s spanking new trend in toys!

Who’s not going to want to give a home to a leprous monkey with half an ear missing? Awww… In the words of the ThinkGeek.com site sellingĀ  them:

“Ready to hug you (and eat your brains).”

Disney does zombies

Much in the spirit of my previous posts What if Smurfs were real? and Bonjour, girl!, these images have been created in the “What if Disney princesses had been cast as kick-ass zombified big bads in a cross between I Am Legend and Sucker Punch?” train of thought.

These were created by the very talented character designer & story artist Jeffrey Thomas (Jeffrey Thomas’s site).